I created this tutorial on 'How to Create a Contact Form Using Google Forms' by using a screen recording on QuickTime Player. This skill was required for some of us to embed a contact form into our website.

I began with logging into Gmail and then clicked on the Google Drive app. From there, I clicked 'new' and scrolled down to find 'Google Form.' I then entered 'Name,' 'Email' and 'Message' for the respondents to fill out. I also made these elements required by toggling to 'required.' Once the form was complete, I clicked on 'Responses' at the top and then created the contact form response spreadsheet. This is where the received messages will show up. An email will also be sent, and the settings for this are found in 'Notification Rules' under 'Tools.' Lastly, I showed how to obtain the HTML code for embedding the form into a webpage. I hope this was helpful!


  • + Skill: QuickTime Player
  • + Class: Style & Design
  • + Date: Fall 2016
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