This media kit was created in my Multimedia Writing for PR class. We were to invent an organization that would become our client for the entire semester. I invented a nonprofit organization called Exercise Rx that aimed to promote high-intensity exercise as a means of medicine.

The media kit consists of a backgrounder, a news release, a feature release and a media advisory. The backgrounder focused on an issue relating to another doctor's findings with prescription drugs. It is broken down into the introduction, issue, situation, key players and conclusion. The news release focused on the announcement of the annual Birmingham Symposium, and also included a boilerplate at the bottom of the page. The feature release features the testimony of a woman whose life changed because she began exercising. The media advisory was for a 5K race that was to help raise awareness about the importance of exercising.

The information and events contained in these elements are not real, but it was a great way to practice the concepts of writing in various forms.


  • + Skill: PR Writing
  • + Class: Multimedia PR Writing
  • + Date: Spring 2016
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