This magazine is a compilation of six stories that I wrote throughout the semester for three different news outlets: Auburn Family (pages 4, 10 and 12), Extension Daily (pages 8 and 14) and The Corner News (page 6).

The following stories: can be found in this magazine:

    + How to Have the Best Tailgate on the Plains
    + The Lee County Fair returns for a 70th Year
    + September 30 is National PrepareAthon Day
    + Staying Afloat: A Balance Between School and Swimming
    + Earn Discounts by Locking Your Phone in Class
    + Recycling: What it Means for the Environment and the Economy

I chose to name my publication Exuberant because I strive to see the good in life and to live each day to the fullest. I hope you enjoy!


  • + Skill: Adobe InDesign
  • + Class: Style & Design
  • + Date: Fall 2016
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